Video: Jones Talks History

The Houston Cougars will close out a legacy on Saturday as they play the final game in Robertson Stadium which will be torn down to make room for a brand new stadium to be built on top of its current location.
The memories in the stadium are countless and date back to local high school games generations ago. In an odd twist of fate senior quarterback Crawford Jones will get the final start for the Cougars this year and in the stadium. Turns out, although he will be the last in his family to play in the game, he is far from the first as his father and grandfather both played high school games in the stadium.
Jones talked about his family's history in the old stadium as well as his first start of the season last week at Marshall and what the team can expect from Tulane this week and we bring exclusive video of him from this week's media availability.
Crawford Jones 11-20 from Robert Sellers on Vimeo.
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