Key Coogs: 6 Deontay Greenberry

With just one week remaining before the Houston Cougars football team reports for the start of their pre-season camp, we continue to work through our pre-camp coverage, our Key Coogs series enters it's final stretch.
Our Key Coogs series, which is sponsored by our friends at Chastang Ford, has been taking a look at the 25 players whose performance we feel will have a direct impact on the Cougars' season in 2013.
We move forward in our countdown today to number six in our list, sophomore receiver Deontay Greenberry who entered the program a year ago as one of the most celebrated recruits in recent memory.
In 2012 Greenberry showed progress throughout the year with a high water mark being both the final game of the season against Tulane (3-97 yards) and the previous game against Marshall (6-60 yards 1 TD)> The good news for the Cougars is that he only scratched the surface in his freshman campaign and should benefit from a more fluid offensive system in 2013.
The one factor likely to have the biggest impact on his sophomore season is the coaches decision to move Greenberry to the inside and use him in the slot. It became pretty evident early on in spring that Greenberry made for a big target in the middle of the field. You should see his number jump significantly with an opportunity for more yard after the catch for him catching passes on the run coming over the middle.
In the end, the biggest aspect that will need for Greenberry to take the next step and make an impact on the offense will be for those around him to become more consistent. The offense has pieces in place to make considerable progress in 2013 but will need players to stay healthy and improve production across the board.